Sprag (2)Writing Matters delivers creative writing teaching to a wide community in Kent, London and the south-east.

We value quality teaching and use an established combination of theory, workshop and practical exercises to encourage our students to become the best writers they can be. Our community classes are available at three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. We recommend that you start with an 8- or 10- week beginner’s course no matter what your level of experience. Once you have completed one of these courses, you can then decide whether to move into another class or, if you’d like to, continue through the scheme with your cohort. There are, of course, exceptions and we’re always available to talk any options through with you.

Our beginner’s course delivers the same content one could expect from a creative writing module in the first year of an under-graduate degree. The intermediate course operates at a second and third year under-graduate level and includes some closed structure poetry and literary criticism. By the time writers have reached the Intermediate level we would like them to feel happy working towards a novel or a collection of short stories for publication.

The adAstor Theatre writersvanced class is all post-graduate level study (including metafiction, representing theme through objective correlative, and eastern story grammar). It covers the building blocks of the western story structure in great detail and is a useful refresher even for experienced writers.