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Anstey Spraggan lectures in Creative Writing and Poetry at Canterbury Christ Church University. She has over 20 years’ teaching experience and is currently researching her Ph.D. Anstey is a novelist and freelance features writer and has contributed to, amongst others, the Guardian and Associated Newspapers. She is working on her fourth novel.

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Anstey Spraggan

Welcome to Writing Matters?

Writing Matters has, at its heart, a belief in the strength and power of words. Writing Matters encourages your students and employees to be bold enough to access their imaginations and to be confident enough to record what they find there.

Why writing matters? Creative writing, diary-keeping or any form of documentary expression is a cathartic and empowering skill that can stay with a child for life or revitalise an adult’s perspective on the world. Creative writing teaches a confident independence that makes a wonderfully transferable skill.

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This Green and Pleasant Land

In 2011 Anstey received funding from the Arts Council of Great Britain to write 'This Green and Pleasant Land' with Manchester writer, Dimmi Khan. The novel looks at what it means to be British in the 21st century and, with Anstey and Dimmi writing as Ruth Ahmed, will be published by Dahlia Publishing in the spring of 2015.

This green and Pleasant Land Anstey Spraggan Dimmi Khan
Published by Dahlia Publishing